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The US military spends tens of millions of dollars each year on the research and development of new military products. Every day, new inventions are brought to life through military research and development, from the behind-the-scenes labour that tracks what's needed, to the science that makes the military product feasible, to prototypes and field testing.



Ultimate Breakdown of Tactical Gear

Tactical gear was created out of military necessity and has since grown in popularity among people who wish to play the EDC card or simply look the part. Tactical gear has been converted for civilian usage in a variety of ways, from backpacks to boots, and in ever-higher quality levels.Here is the c



Should I get a Hard Rifle bag or Soft Rifle bag for my AR-15?

The decision you must make is whether you choose a soft or hard bag. It doesn't appear to be a difficult decision at first glance. However, like with other decisions, the more you consider it, the more perplexed you become. There are lots of gray regions to consider; it's not all black and white. And it's not always a right or bad decision.



What Tactical Gear Should You Have?

When it comes to tactical gear, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Your choice of equipment and/or apparel is entirely dependent on your situation, your ambitions, and how you intend to attain your objectives. With my military background, though, I can provide you with some tips on what has worked for me in the field.



What To Put On Your Tactical Vest?

Thousands of men and women across the country put on a bulletproof tactical vest, gun, and badge to safeguard our country or a little portion of it. Outer vests are getting increasingly popular, and it's not just because they look cool. They relieve the strain placed on your back by a heavy pistol belt. The key weapons and attachments have been moved to the outer vest, making them easier to grasp when needed. You've come to the right place if you're new to tactical vests and how to set them up.



What Are the New Techniques on Tactical Assault Vests

The new tactical assault vests are an improved version of, and a replacement for, traditional tactical assault vests. The tactical assault vests' performance was greatly improved thanks to the new tactics.

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