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Materials Issues

Critical(×)    Major(×)    Minor(×)Use wrong material
  Texture Variation
  Broken Surface,Mesh running off yarns
  Incorrect Inserting Foam hardness and thickness PE
  Bad zipper,incorrect size webbing strp
  Incorrect buckle,Velcro,D-ring


  Skipped stitch,loose stitches,broken stitch,missing stitch
  Pieces sewn wrong
  Top stitch,double needle problems
  No back tack
  Incorrect stitching margin
  Incorrect overlap stitch(3-4 overlap stitches standards)
  Open Seam
  Needle holes(no continual 3 stitch holes with 6 inches)
  Incorrect Zig-Zag stitch
  Crooked/Uneven stitch
  Inconsistent stitching tension
  Incorrect component position
  SPI Issues(stitch per inch) Binding 5-6 stitches per inch,
  Gore binding:11-12 stitches per inch,other 6-8 stitches per inch
  Crooked binding strap or peeling off or raveling end
  Incorrect binding width(10mm width)
  Broken jointing areas
  Incorrect box stitching and improper back 
  Stitch on shoulder strap
  Poor bar tack stitching
  Inconsistent position of eyelet,missing eyelet
  Incorrect needle size
  Incorrect back tack
  Zipper slide missing
  Zipper direction wrong
  Broken mesh pocket binding
  Missing component
  Sewn caught


Critical(×)    Major(×)    Minor(×)
  Color Variation
  Incorrect color
  Touch up paint
  Color transfer
  Unclear,scratched screen painting
  Inconsistent color print
  Incorrect printing
  Part soiled,oxidized
  Repaired mark visible
  Incorrect Logo/Label position
  Wrong construction
  Threads not trimmed
  Thread end not over 3mm
  Deformed embroidery letter
  Loose fraying embroidery
  Damaged/loos yarns
  Wheel defect
  Draw cord defect

Packaging And Labeling Issues

  Damaged/deformed/moisture/dirty carton and box

  Wrong/missing language on poly-bag

  Damaged/broken poly-bag

  Missing warranty information

  Silica gel missing

  Missing,illegible or incorrect barcode and size label/security

  Label and hang tags placement

  Incorrect size


Acceptance sampling will require the selection of a sampling plan.A sampling plan will determine the size of a sample and the number of defective permitted in the sample to determine the acceptance or rejection of the batch/lot.The two parameters of sampling plan are the sample size(number of units the sample) and the acceptance number(max.number of defective units allowed in a sample)

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