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Products You Didn’t Know Were Invented by the Military

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The US military spends tens of millions of dollars each year on the research and development of new military products. Every day, new inventions are brought to life through military research and development, from the behind-the-scenes labour that tracks what's needed, to the science that makes the military product feasible, to prototypes and field testing.

What we don't realize, though, is how many ordinary things began this way. The military products didn't invent these things, but that doesn't mean they stayed in the military. Many objects made it to widespread use, and the origins of many of them have since been forgotten.

Take a look at these common military goods that were brought to life by tax dollars and military research:

1. The sanitary napkins were invented in 1914.

2. In the 1930s, the popular Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses was invented.

3. Duct Tape and Super Glue were invented in 1942.

1. The sanitary napkins were invented in 1914.

Let us pay special tribute to pioneer women. Before the 1920s, the majority of what was available was homemade. Cotton pads were first introduced during WWI as military product, but a cotton shortage prompted the Kimberly-Clark Company to develop cellucotton, an absorbent material produced from wood pulp. Originally designed for bandages, nurses in the Red Cross recognized their usefulness and began using them during Aunt Flo's visits.

Kimberly-Clark began producing and marketing cellucotton sanitary napkins after the war ended. Because of the nature of the product's use, many businesses refused to stock it, but sanitary napkins became readily available to the general public instead of only military product within a few years.

2. In the 1930s, the popular Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses was invented.

As military pilots reached unprecedented altitudes, they realized they needed military product -- sunglasses to protect them from the strong glare. The US Army Air Corps hired Bausch & Lomb to design aviator goggles with their trademark shape and lens material that successfully filtered out the light.

However, the product was not excluded; in 1937, they re-branded a pair of sunglasses as “Ray-Bans” (banning the rays) and sold them to civilians.

By the end of the 1930s, as military products, all soldiers were issued a pair, and the civilian populace could purchase them as well.

3.Duct Tape and Super Glue were invented in 1942.

Duct Tape was another WWII invention of military product. Johnson & Johnson Co. developed it in response to a request from the military for an adhesive that could resist harsh environments. Their first invention was dubbed "duck tape" because it was waterproof. It was frequently utilized by civilians after the war, most commonly to seal ducts. It was renamed Duct Tape and rebranded in silver to match modern heating and air conditioning systems.

During World War II, Super Glue made its appearance as well. When Eastman Kodak was looking for a compound to utilize on plastic rifle sights, they came up with this compound. It was created by chance and was found to be too sticky to use.

It was rediscovered nearly a decade later and discovered to have enormous commercial potential. It was first sold to the general public in 1958, and physicians used it to swiftly seal open wounds during the Vietnam War.

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