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5 Military Rucking Rules Every Backpacker Should Know (Continue)

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As the last article has talked about three rules that need to be paid attention to, we will continue to talk about the rest two rules of military backpack.

Here are the content lists:

1. A ten percent incline reduces your speed by half.

2. Slowing down slows you down twice as much as speeding up.

3. Soldiers' real-life experiences using military backpack in the United States army.

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1.A ten percent incline reduces your speed by half.

The speed of a person is strongly influenced by their grade. The term "grade" refers to the amount of elevation or decrease in the terrain. At a 10% grade, for example, you'll gain 1 foot for every 10 feet you move ahead. In angle terms, ten percent equals 5.74 degrees. When you're humping up a 5.74-degree angle mile after mile, it doesn't feel like much. You'll know how difficult it is because you'll move twice as slowly with a given load over it as you would on flat terrain. That last part—with a specific load—is crucial. Whether you're hauling 45 lbs. or 80 lbs., a 10% grade will limit your speed in half.


2.Slowing down slows you down twice as much as speeding up.

I don't think you'll make it up the other side of the hill in time. You're not going to succeed. You'll only be able to make up half of the time. Why don't you make up for what you lose by running downhill? Forces of braking To stay in control while you fall, you must use your quads to break your pace. The more braking required, the steeper the downhill. If you do a lot of up and down labour, this extra strain on your muscles will damage your uphill performance even more.


3. Soldiers' real-life experiences in the United States military.

A US soldier, Robert Schumacher, with twenty years experience in the army said that “my rucksack was full of all kinds of lightweight gear that gradually got heavier and heavier as the Army came up with ever more lightweight gear for me to carry, The average rucksack is supposed to weigh no more than a certain percentage of your body weight for you to be able to move and fight. Mission requirements too often say otherwise. When you figure in the weight of your LCE, (military for load-carrying equipment or the vest you see soldiers wearing), plus your weapon, uniform, binoculars, night vision device, and everything else, the weight becomes quite remarkable, The heaviest rucksack that I carried weighed 145 lbs, (I remember every painful step, as I remembered that I could have signed up for the Navy). Even the combat load, (what you carrying into combat and fight with), can easily weigh 60 lbs.) The idea is to carry only what you need into combat, but the fear of facing the unexpected keeps you putting things in that you probably will never need - but if you do need it….”



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