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5 Items You Need in Your Gun Bag

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We have a large selection of leather gun bags to help you transport your gear to and from the range. The leather bags provide discreet storage as well as plenty of room for any additional equipment you may require. Shooting, as most gun enthusiasts are aware, needs more than simply a gun and some bullets. You'll also need a lot of extra equipment, which you can store in bags like the Agnes Ashbury - Sunrise with Green Paisley Concealed Weapons Bag. Anyway, here are some essential items to keep in your gun bag to make the most of your shooting range experience.

Here are 5 items you need in your gun bag:

1. A set of first aid kits.

2. Prepare the hearing and eye protection equipment.

3. A Kit of Spare Parts.

4. A Kit for cleaning.

42 Inch Soft Rifle Gun Tactical Shotgun Bag


1. A set of first aid kits.

Shooting is not a sport that should be taken lightly. If an accident or injury occurs, having a first aid kit in gun bag could make all the difference. Latex gloves, a tourniquet, pressure dressings, gauze, chest seal and decompression needles, as well as all the basic Band-Aids, disinfectants, and other items should be included in a kit.


2. Prepare the hearing and eye protection equipment.

Earmuffs and safety classes are must-haves in your gun bag. Carrying an additional set of each is also a good idea in case you invite and/or meet others at the range who forget their safety gear.


3. A kit of spare parts.

Unless you live near a shooting range, most of us will have to travel a short distance to get to one. It's no good showing up at the range only to have a malfunction. Carry extra trigger springs, batteries, and other items in your gun bag to guarantee that your time at the range isn't cut short due to a malfunctioning piece of equipment.


4. A kit for cleaning.

You don't need to carry a whole cleaning kit in gun bag with you to the range, but you might want to have some of the essentials. A cleaning rod, nylon brush, and lubrication are commonly included in most travel-sized cleaning kits. If the need comes, you will be able to clean out your pistol.


5. Ammunition Boxes

Having a lockable ammo box in gun bag is a terrific way to keep the fun going. This will provide you with a secure storage area for your ammunition while you train at the range.

This is an excellent purchase if you want a gun bag that will last a lifetime. It serves as both a storage space for your belongings and a family heirloom to be passed on when the time comes.


A good gun bag can keep your weapon protected while offering all the convenient features you need. Litai (Quanzhou) Bags Corp., Ltd. is a professional gun bag manufacturer that provides both OEM and ODM orders. We have an independent overseas warehouse, and the operation mode shifts from a single product manufacturer to provide system integration services, creating a business model innovation. If you have any questions, please contact us via email at daisy@lqtactical.com or phone at 86-15260869531.


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